Tech Talks!

This page contains the links to all the talks and workshops that I have undertaken at prominent technical events

HTML5 and the future of web

How HTML5 is changing the web and its impact on the future. Introduction to some of the new APIs in HTML5, CSS properties and much more.

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Getting started with Android

Introduction to Android applicaiton development, APIs and high level architecture. This talk also introduces basic building blocks of Android

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From an idea to Google Play

Starting with an idea, how do you develop an application build a MVP and publish it on Google Play. This presentation also introduces best practices in app development and Google services that you can leverage to better manage your apps like Google Analytics and using open source libraries like ACRA

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Innovation on the web.

As of 2013, lets take a look at what all #WWW has to offer to all of us. Doing more stuff on the web and understanding how powerful has it become.

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